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Convert today's cash
into tomorrow's needs.

Why Zero Waste

Why Turn Cash into Food?

Turning cash into food is a smart way to manage money and solve daily problems. By purchasing and storing basic household needs, individuals can secure their future needs when they have funds, and ensure they do not overspend or waste money.

Food is a commodity that retains its usefulness over time and is a necessity that everyone needs, allowing it to also be a reliable and practical way to manage household finances.


By building a food-store, individuals can also create a shock absorber to help ride out the shocks they may experience and live more predictably, creating a better quality of life for themselves and their families.


It Works

Buy Food
Store it / Share it
Withdraw at your Local Shop


Easy Ways to
Store your Wealth

No Minimum Amount
No Upfront Fees

Spend when you can


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